“Getting tired of playing the same sports each week? Try Rounders! You’ll get fit just from laughing…”

What is Allsports?

Allsports is where each week your team will play a different sport. There are seven sports in total: Cricket, Netball, Soccer, Rebound Volleyball, Dodgeball, Polo Hockey, Handball, and . Here is a summary of the rules for each of the sports.


  • Six players per team;
  • Teams may still take the court with a minimum of 5 players, though their opponents get to choose which player(s) bat and bowl in the missing players’ place;
  • Each innings consists of 12 x 6 ball overs, with every player bowling 2 overs and each batting pair facing 4 overs;
  • Batsmen score runs by running between wickets but also gain bonus runs of between 1 and 6 for hitting certain nets;
  • When a batsman is ‘out’ he loses 5 runs from his score but remains batting


  • 7 players per team. Each player has a designated position and zone of the court they are allowed to move within (mixed teams are allowed a min of 2 or a max of 3 men);
  • Extra players are allowed. Substitutions can only be made between quarters or if an injury occurs;
  • Each match consists of 4 x 10 minute quarters (players may change positions during any quarter-time break);
  • Netball is a non-contact sport and defenders must remain 1 meter from the ball-carrier at all times to avoid obstruction penalties;
  • The court is completely surrounded by netting. There is no ‘out-of-bounds’, adding another dimension and tactics not available to traditional netball; and
  • Teams earn bonus points on the ladder for each skin they win within a single game.


  •  Five players per team, including keeper (up to 4 subs may also be used in any one game);
  • The netting surrounding the court means there is no ‘out-of-bounds’;
  • Each keeper has a ‘goal semi-circle’ surrounding his/her goal which only he/she may enter. All other players, offensive and defensive, must remain outside this goal semi-circle; and
  • Each match consists of 4 x 10 minute halves.

Rebound Volleyball

  • The ball may only contact the divider net on the serve. (Side, back and top nets will be deemed out);
  • The ball must be passed once before returning a serve;
  • Each team is allowed 3 hits to return the ball;
  • A team only scores a point when their team serves; and
  • It is forbidden to make any physical contact with the centre net whilst attacking or defending.


  • An out is scored by:
    • Hitting an opposing player with a live thrown ball below the shoulders before the ball has hit the ground (If a player ducks’, and this clearly is the cause for the player being hit above the shoulders, the player is out and the throw is deemed legal.);
    • If a deflection off the net then hits a player they are deemed to be out;
    • Catching a live ball thrown by your opponent, the thrower is then deemed out;
    • Causing an opponent to drop a live ball as a result of contact with another thrown live ball (Usually, occurs when a ball is being used to block a thrown ball.);
    • An opposing player stepping out of bounds or into the net with momentum carrying a caught ball (Both thrower and catcher are out.); and
    • A player may block a ball with a ball being held, provided the held ball is not dropped as a result of the contact with the thrown ball. (A ball deflecting off a held ball then contacting a player is deemed to be a dead ball.)

Polo Hockey

  • You may enter your own team’s goalie area but may not enter your opposition goal area at any time;
  • Players may only use the stick to bunt the ball around the court to score goals, the stick is not allowed to be raised above waist height;
  • If ball deflects off a defender’s body into the goal, it counts as a goal (own goal); and
  • If ball deflects off an attackers body it does not count as a goal.


  • If any part of the shooter touches the ground inside the circle it is deemed to be no score (during the act of scoring or after scoring);
  • A player is considered to have possession when they have two hands on the ball;
  • No player may deliberately cause a contact/obstruction by moving in front of an opposition player; and
  • No player is permitted to kick the ball.

Our main focus at Wildcatz Indoor Sports is to make all the sports we offer as fun and social as possible. However we require teams to have a team uniform by the commencement of their fourth game. This uniform must meet our policy of requirements. If your team doesn’t have a team shirt then uniform penalties can apply.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Captain’s Letter
Cricket Rules
6 A-Side Rules
Soccer Rules
Volleyball Rules
Dodgeball Rules
Polo Hockey Rules
Handball Rules
Tchoukball Rules
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How can I get started?
If you want to nominate a team click here and complete the form. If you want to play but don’t have a team, register your details here and we’ll find you a team.

What does it cost?
Team/Player Insurance: The weekly game fee is contributed towards insurance purposes.
Sign up fees: Unlike many sports, we have no sign up fees!
Match Fess: $66 per team per match (This includes a free small drink)

Reminder – All fees must be paid prior to any finals.