Rebound Beach Volleyball Townsville

"Rebound Beach Volleyball Townsville is the ultimate non-contact team sport that everyone can play. Played on sand, surrounded by a net, Rebound Volleyball is great fun for the family, friends, and work teams."

What's Rebound Beach Volleyball?

The basic rules of Rebound Volleyball

  • The ball may only contact the divider net on the serve. (Side, back and top nets will be deemed out);
  • The ball must be passed once before returning a serve;
  • Each team is allowed 3 hits to return the ball;
  • A team only scores a point when their team serves; and
  • It is forbidden to make any physical contact with the centre net whilst attacking or defending.
When can I play?

5 A-Side Mixed - Monday nights 5:45pm-9pm
4 A-Side Mixed - Tuesday nights 5:45pm-9pm


Our main focus at Wildcatz Indoor Sports is to make all the sports we offer as fun and social as possible. However we require teams to have a team uniform by the commencement of their fourth game. This uniform must meet our policy of requirements. If your team doesn’t have a team shirt then uniform penalties can apply.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.

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Rebound Beach Volleyball Rules
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How can I get started?
If you want to nominate a team click here and complete the form. If you want to play but don’t have a team, register your details here and we’ll find you a team.

What does it cost?
Team/Player Insurance: The weekly game fee is contributed towards insurance purposes.
Sign up fees: Unlike many sports, we have no sign up fees!
Match Fess: $50 per team per match Monday nights and $40 per team per match Tuesday nights.

Reminder – All fees must be paid prior to any finals.