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Townsville Indoor Netball

“Indoor netball is fast paced and so much fun. A great way to get fit and socialise with friends.”

What is Indoor Netball?

Indoor Netball is a variation of netball traditionally played by women. Indoor netball has rapidly expanded to include males and has become the most popular mixed sports in Australia. Due to the fast paced, hi-energy, and exciting nature of the game, it is suitable for all ages and experience levels.

The rules of Indoor Netball are similar to traditional outdoor netball rules. The basic rules are:

  • 7 players per team. Each player has a designated position and zone of the court they are allowed to move within (mixed teams are allowed a min of 2 or a max of 3 men);
  • Extra players are allowed. Substitutions can only be made between quarters or if an injury occurs;
  • Each match consists of 4 x 10 minute quarters (players may change positions during any quarter-time break);
  • Netball is a non-contact sport and defenders must remain 1 meter from the ball-carrier at all times to avoid obstruction penalties;
  • The court is completely surrounded by netting. There is no ‘out-of-bounds’, adding another dimension and tactics not available to traditional netball; and
  • Teams earn bonus points on the ladder for each skin they win within a single game.

“Join a team or enter in your own team at the Wildcatz Indoor Sports.”

When can I play Indoor Netball?

Townsville Wildcatz Indoor Sports Timetable

Mixed Netball – Sunday nights from 4pm-7pm
Ladies Netball – Monday nights from 5:45pm-9pm
Ladies Netball – Tuesday nights from 5:45pm-9pm
Mixed Netball – Tuesday nights from 5.45pm-9pm
Ladies Netball – Tuesday mornings from 9:15am-11am
Ladies Netball- Wednesday mornings from 9:15am-11am
Junior Netball – Saturday mornings 8am-12pm


Our main focus at Wildcatz Indoor Sports is to make all the sports we offer as fun and social as possible. However we require teams to have a team uniform by the commencement of their fourth game. This uniform must meet our policy of requirements. If your team doesn’t have a team shirt then uniform penalties can apply.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.


Superleague is your chance to play either competitively or socially against other the towns within North Queensland. Players trial for a position in a team and travel to either Mackay, Cairns, or Rockhampton to play Indoor Netball and/or Six-A-Side. We have a range of divisions from Ladies A,B,C, Mixed A,B,C, Under 19s ladies and mixed, Over 40s ladies and mixed, and Men’s.

Superleague Trial Date for 2017
15th October 2016 at 2pm – Wildcatz Indoor Sports

Dates for Superleague 2017
11th & 12th February 2017 – Rockhampton
4th & 5th March 2017 – Mackay
3rd – 4th June 2017 – Cairns

Cost – to be announced at Superleague trials
Uniforms – Available for purchase

Captains Letter
Netball Rules
Register A Team
Join A Team

How can I get started?
If you want to nominate a team click here and complete the form. If you want to play but don’t have a team, register your details here and we’ll find you a team.

What does it cost?
Team/Player Insurance: The weekly game fee is contributed towards insurance purposes.
Sign up fees: Unlike many sports, we have no sign up fees!
Match Fess: $98 per team per match Monday and Tuesday nights. $70 per team per match Sunday, Tuesday and Morning day times.

Reminder – All fees must be paid prior to any finals.