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Mackay Indoor Sports Arena - Join A Team

Please fill in all the details to help us find a team that will suit you.Wildcatz Indoor Sports Join A Team Registration

Please fill in all the details to help us find the right team for you to join.

Personal Information

Please enter your personal information into the fields below.

Please Note Conditions

  1. Please complete the form from as accurately as possible so we can find you the best possible fit. If you are interested in a second sport, please add it into the comments section.
  2. Team charge per game will vary from sport to sport.
  3. Trophies are available for all grades.
  4. All Umpires supplied by Wildcatz Indoor Sports.
  5. Games will be played in accordance with the latest edition of the rule book.
  6. Players must be available 10 minutes prior to starting time.
  7. Jeans, thongs, bare feet, and leather soles are strictly prohibited (for all indoor sports).
  8. All team members play at their own risk.
  9. Forfeit fees apply to all sports.
  10. All team players must sign team card to be qualified for the team.
  11. No jewellery permitted on court.
  12. Games start between 5.45pm and 9pm. Teams must be available for all time slots.

Registration Steps

Registering your team is very easy.

Simply fill in the form on this page and your team will be submitted to our friendly and professional staff.

Choose Your Sport

Use the list of sports to highlight which one you would like to play.

Game Type

Select what type of game you would like to participate in. The options are:

  • Mixed (combination of men and women on the same team)
  • Mens (only men on the team)
  • Ladies (only ladies on the team)
  • Junior (under 16 years)
Preferred Day

Select the preferred day that you would like to play.

Sport Division

This is how skilled the competition is. If you’re a beginner we suggest starting with beginner. If you would like more of a challenge select accordingly.

Personal Information

Enter your personal details so that we are able to contact you with information on your new registration. As much detail as you can supply will help us to contact you as quickly as possible.

Special Requirements

If you have any special physical requirements we should be aware of please note in the comments sections.