Indoor Cricket Townsville

“Indoor Cricket is a great sport for all ages and experience levels.”
“It’s a fast paced game that involves every player batting, bowling and fielding.”

What is Indoor Cricket?

Wildcatz Indoor sports offers the only venue you can play Indoor Cricket in Townsville. Indoor Cricket takes the best parts of Outdoor Cricket and brings it indoors. The sport allows every player an equal opportunity to bat and bowl the same amount of overs. The basics are as follows:

  • 8 players per team;
  • Teams may still take the court with a minimum of 6 players, though their opponents get to choose which player(s) bat and bowl in the missing players’ place;
  • Each innings consists of 16 x 6 ball overs, with every player bowling 2 overs and each batting pair facing 4 overs;
  • Batsmen score runs by running between wickets but also gain bonus runs of between 1 and 7 for hitting certain nets;
  • When a batsman is ‘out’ he/she loses 5 runs from his/her score but remains batting until conclusion of their 4 overs;
  • Teams also earn bonus ladder points or ‘skins’ by winning each corresponding batting partnership (i.e. 1st pair of Team A versus 1st pair of Team B, etc);
  • The only equipment players need is a bat, gloves and protector and all of these can be either purchased or borrowed from Wildcatz Indoor Sports Arena; and
  • Matches last approximately 1 hr 10 minutes (30 – 35 minutes/innings).
When can I play Indoor Cricket in Townsville?

Townsville’s Wildcatz Indoor Sports Cricket Timetable
Opens – Wednesday nights from 5:45pm-10pm
Opens – Thursday night from 5:45pm-10pm
Juniors – Thursday afternoon 4:30pm


Our main focus at Wildcatz Indoor Sports is to make all the sports we offer as fun and social as possible. However we require teams to have a team uniform by the commencement of their fourth game. This uniform must meet our policy of requirements. If your team doesn’t have a team shirt then uniform penalties can apply.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.


To play Indoor Cricket, all you require is a bat, batting gloves and a protector. At wildcatz we are able to supply you with this equipment however we do not supply protectors (boxes). These however can be purchased at our canteen if you wish to wear one (we highly recommend you do). We also have bats, gloves, balls and other equipment associated with Indoor Cricket available to be purchased if you prefer to have your own or team equipment.


Superleague is your chance to play Indoor Cricket either competitively or socially against other the towns within North Queensland and represent Townsville. Players trial for a position in a team and travel to either Mackay, Cairns, or Rockhampton to play Indoor Cricket. We have a range of divisions from Ladies A,B,C, Mixed A,B,C, Under 19s ladies and mixed, Over 40s ladies and mixed, and Men’s.

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Indoor Cricket Rules
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How can I get started?
If you want to nominate a team click here and complete the form. If you want to play but don’t have a team, register your details here and we’ll find you a team.

What does it cost?
Team/Player Insurance: The weekly game fee is contributed towards insurance purposes.
Sign up fees: Unlike many sports, we have no sign up fees!
Match Fess: $120 per team per match Wednesday and Thursday. $10 a player for Juniors & Dads and Lads.

Reminder – All fees must be paid prior to any finals.